IMG performance in USMLE Match 2024 (800+ more non-US IMGs matched!!)

IMG performance in USMLE Match 2024 (800+ more non-US IMGs matched!!)

In the round of residency placements a total of 9,045 international medical graduates secured first year positions, in accredited U.S. Graduate medical education programs. This marks a 7.8% increase from the year representing over a quarter of all matched applicants at 25.1%. Among the matched IMGs 3,181 are U.S. Citizens showing a dip of 175 compared to year. Meanwhile there was an uptick of 832 in the number of non-U.S. Citizen IMGs who were successfully matched.

# of People

Increase from last year

Total IMGs Matched:



U.S. Citizen IMGs Matched:



Non-U.S. Citizen IMGs Matched:


832 (!!)

Despite a surge in applicant numbers this year both U.S. Citizen and non U.S. Citizen IMGs maintained match rates compared to last year at 67.0% and 58.5% respectively—indicating relative stability in the matching process for IMGs across different citizenship statuses.

Percentage of IMGs in specific specialties

The data reveals that IMGs continue to be integral across specialties; notable specialties with significant representation by IMGs include Internal Medicine (43%), Pathology (37.4%), Family Medicine (31.8%), and Neurology (29.5%). Particularly noteworthy is the rise in matches for non-U.S. Citizen IMGs in Emergency Medicine, which more than doubled from 61 to 123 this year—a contributing factor to the specialty's resurgence. Pediatrics also saw an increase of 16.4%, in IMGs (730, up from 627, in 2023) which is noteworthy considering the specialty experienced an overall decrease.