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Benefits of our Programs Matching Software

Just some of our applications features we think you will love!


Updated Information

You can trust our data is up-to-date for the year you apply in. This is the most important aspect of our software and what we spend the majority of time on.


Medical School Data

Find programs that matched with students from your medical school. The best indicator of a program being suitable for your profile is their connection to your medical school.


Save Time on Research

Don't waste time researching programs' requirements on their website, calling coordinators, residency explorer or freida. We have done the hard work for you to save your valuable time.


Find IMG friendly programs

Find IMG friendly programs to make sure your application will be duly considered. Our data differentiates between Caribbean and non-Caribbean IMG to accurately return your customized programs list.


State-of-the-Art Software

Our programs list navigator is fully customizeable so you can hide/show columns, apply filters, re-arrange/sort columns to personalize the view exactly the way you want see it.


Spend Money wisely

With our extensive residency program data, we can pinpoint exactly the programs which are suitable for your profile, helping you save money.


What our users said about our residency programs list


International Medical Graduate from India

I decided to try out after a friend recommended me to them. The programs list was suitable for my scores and experience. If I had to create the list myself, it would have taken me many days to go through all the programs websites. Highly recommend to everyone applying for residency!

Priya R.

Carribean IMG

As a carribean IMG I had to make sure I applied to programs that were a good match for me. I found the filters especially useful to find programs on the east coast only.



Great lists! All programs matched my step scores and clinical experience. I could even see which programs had residents from my medical school. I feel confident my list includes the programs that suit me best.



Wanted to double-check my own list to make sure I didn't miss any non-US IMG friendly programs for internal medicine. Found 18 programs that weren't on my list plus 3 more which took graduates from my medical school. Definitely helped me to feel secure that my list wasn't missing any programs.

Rahul S.


Saved me countless hours of having to research each program one by one. Lots of filters to narrow the list according to my needs. A big help indeed!



Applied for family medicine with internal medicine as a backup. With limited budget, I selected only the top 80 programs that matched well with my qualifications.

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